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Reiki Unraveled

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

What's Reiki? Healing energy that's accessible from the Universe.

How can it help me? If you get a Reiki session, whether in-person or if it's sent long distance, you will feel calmer and more relaxed.

So I can have a glass of wine, smoke a joint or listen to music to relax myself.

True. But Reiki is like the gate opening for healing. For example, if you've had Reiki, then your relaxation means some of your emotional stuff, mental chatter and physical aches have been soothed.

Maybe it's just that you will do less "bad things" for yourself. For example, maybe you won't eat that greasy hamburger and extra-large fries with the massive coke. Perhaps, you won't start an argument with your significant other. Or you might not feel like drinking a six-pack of beer, lying all day on the sofa. Maybe you won't waste money on stuff you don't need. Perhaps, you won't hook up with that hot person.

You might want to do a "good thing" like cook something for yourself or a loved one. Maybe you want to take a walk or connect with someone you have not seen for awhile. You may feel like sitting quietly, doing a little reflection, a bit of meditation.

That's how Reiki works.

It's not, hey, I got Reiki, and now I am healed!

It's the beginning of your healing and if you continue, you will mend certain unhelpful habits, clarify your mind and help your heart to be a little easier.

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